Living after the Loss of a Child to Cancer

A parent’s worst nightmare comes true for too many parents whose children are afflicted with cancer.  While survival rates for some childhood cancers hover around 70%, there are many who lose the battle despite a courageous fight.  As an Orthopaedic Oncologist I have personally witnessed the loss of some amazing warriors, but do not know how to comprehend the sense of loss, and sorrow felt by the parents of these children.  The only people who truly understand the emotions, the grief and the pain are those who have also lost a child to similar circumstances.


A friend shared the following blog with me today which inspired this post.  The blog author, Deborah, lost her daughter to Ewing’s sarcoma and has used the blog to help grieve and try to live again.

A Child of Mine

Navigating the landscape of loss after the death of a teenage daughter

The Hladun family who I have had the privilege of knowing personally and professionally turned the loss of their infant child, Will, to a rare form of cancer into an inspirational foundation that bears his name, The Brave Will Foundation!  Check out all the good they are doing for palliative care and their special SOAR program.

SOAR (Steer Onward and Remember) is a program created to provide support for families on the one year anniversary of their son or daughter’s passing. The program is intended to help these families spend the day in a way that honors their child and remembers the legacy that he/she left behind



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