The Secret to Better Outcomes can be Found in our Genes

Novel approaches to treating sarcomas are actively being explored by researchers worldwide.  Many focus on each tumor’s genetic or molecular composition.  Dr. Jeffrey Ross, Professor and Chair of Pathology at Albany Medical Center, was an instrumental leader in developing a method to test tumors for their unique genetic sequences so clinicians can design targeted therapies to treat their patients.  Learn more about this novel approach to treatment selection by understanding the molecular basis of each tumor at


An Analysis of 42 Osteosarcoma Tissue Samples Revealed Frequent Actionable Genomic Abnormalities and Potential New Routes to Targeted Therapies

Dr. Ross’ data pertaining to Osteosarcoma was presented at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) meeting in 2014.  View the poster presentation by clicking on link below.



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