What is the Virtual Run?

It’s your way to be part of the Sarcoma Strong movement regardless of where you live.  Home base is Albany, New York but we want to broaden our scope.  We want to reach more people, support more families, educate our communities about sarcoma, and raise needed funds to support life improving and ideally saving research.


It’s easy to stand in Solidarity with us.


Step 1:  Register


Step 2:  Build a Team

Step 3:  Pick a time to have your run locally.  Ideally the same as the main event in Albany.  Saturday, August 18th 9am Eastern time.  If another day or time works better don’t have that be the obstacle to involvement.

Step 4:  Don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you can do today!

So far several institutions and leaders have stepped up:

Yale Orthopaedics lead by Izuchukwu Ibe and Francis Lee

Henry Ford Orthopaedics lead by Michael Mott



Summa Health Orthopaedics Akron Ohio lead by Brandon Jonard and Scott Weiner

Columbia Orthopaedics lead by Wakenda Tyler

UCSF Orthopaedics lead by Rosie Wustrack


There is plenty of time to form a team and join in.  Help Unite the Fight!

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