How has sarcoma affected you?

We have all been touched by sarcoma.  A friend, a family member, a co-worker, classmate, yourself.  What is your sarcoma story?  Some may be new to this journey.  Some are seasoned veterans.  It’s not a club you sign up for.  But how do you deal with the unique challenges that sarcoma puts on you physically, emotionally and psychologically?  When I started this site years ago, one of my goals was to have it be a little more interactive.  With many social media platforms which are more commonly used for such efforts that became less of the focus.   It is a means to communicate about our major event; the 5k Run/Walk that is coming up in a little over a month.  But why not try something new during SARCOMA AWARENESS MONTH?  Share your story.  Leave a comment on the post.  Writing can be therapeutic and offer a means to begin healing and help you learn to live with sarcoma.  To embrace the challenges.  To learn from others.  Get strength from other warriors who know what you are going through.  Unite the Sarcoma Fight!

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