Showing Gratitude through Suffering – Lessons from an Inspiration

Samantha Allen (Sami) faced adversity at a young age when she was diagnosed with a rare but aggressive benign bone tumor in her neck in 2010.  She successfully had the tumor removed and then had the area treated with radiation to lower her risk of the tumor coming back.  Despite this she dealt with a painful recurrence of her disease in 2014 and then many other complications from her treatments in the following years.  Ultimately the tumor continued to grow and transformed into an aggressive malignant bone tumor called an osteosarcoma.  After continued growth on traditional chemotherapy in the early part of 2018, Sami and her family decided to live out her time living in a house on the beach to be together and heal in the most natural way.


Through all her challenges she remained a positive ray of light and inspiration.  Everyday at 8pm her phone alarm would go off with a message entitled, “Gratefullness Exercise.”  She would ask everyone around her what they are grateful for today.  This is a very powerful message and gave inspiration and strength to those who cared for her the most, her circle of family and friends.  The character of a true angel.


Sami has earned her wings her story and her soul will continue to be present among all of those she touched on her journey that was all too short.  May her family find comfort in knowing she is no longer suffering and is at peace.


To learn more about this incredible person and to share her inspiration and positivity go to her open group facebook page: A loving video tribute of her spirit on a beach where she loved to be so much:



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