SarcomaStrong Highlights from 2021

  • Raised over $138,000.  Surpassed our previous highest fundraising year in 2019 of $105,000
  • Increased overall participation of our Global event – >1600 participants and donors
  • National and International engagement
    • 18 Institutions in the US had their own events or collaborated 
    • 6 International sites spread our message worldwide
      • Special highlight to the Team at the Philippines Orthopaedic Center with over 70 participants
  • Increased social media presence, over 1290 followers on Instagram
  • Increased our Albany Medical College SarcomaStrong Service Learning program to 10 medical students 

Over the past eight years we have raised close to $600,000 to fund sarcoma research.  We are the primary funding source for MSTS when it comes to Sarcoma research.  Currently, we fund ~$100,000 in sarcoma specific grants per year:

  • Our proof of concept in supporting Sarcoma research occurred earlier this year when Dr. Bang Hoang our 1st grant recipient in 2017 received a $1.6 million NIH research grant to continue his Osteosarcoma research.
  • In 2021, we look to fund a $50,000 SarcomaStrong/MSTS grant and up to two $25,000 mentorship research grants.

Thank you to all our supporters, sponsors, donors, volunteers, participants and collaborators. Looking forward to many exciting announcements in 2022! Stay tuned…

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