SarcomaStrong Goals for 2021

A New Year offers a time to reflect on past experiences and set goals for future growth and progress. In 2020, we saw the world come together with SarcomaStrong to Unite the Fight against sarcoma and spread awareness of this rare form of cancer. We had over 1100 worldwide participants, raised over $88,000 and grew our social media following to connect sarcoma warriors all over the planet.

In 2021, we still are faced with the Covid-19 global pandemic and will need to continue our event in a Virtual format. Our event dates are August 13th-15th. Our goals: Surpass our level of participation in 2020, raise over $100,000, and push past 1000 followers on Instagram our primary form of social media engagement.

Stay tuned for updates. Our registration page should be up by March 2021.

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