Sarcoma Strong Hibernation

Hibernation is an adaptation that helps many animals conserve energy by remaining inactive, greatly slowing their metabolism and reducing their body temperature for days, weeks or even months at a time. Typically, animals hibernate in order to survive long periods when food is scarce.


It has been too long since our last post on Sarcoma Strong.  Food was not scarce but energy was a bit diminished after another successful Sarcoma Strong 5k Event.  Sometimes a break is needed to re-organize, re-energize and re-inspire.  In the coming weeks we will get back on track and outline our Successes in 2017 and our Goals for 2018.  Together we are stronger and our advocacy efforts continue to grow and inspire others to do more for sarcoma.  Thank you to all who help make Sarcoma Strong an impactful organization; increasing awareness and generating funds that are being put to use for life-improving and life-saving research.

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