Sarcoma Strong 5k Course

To all participants please take some time to review the map of UAlbany’s certified 5k race course.  It is a series of 3 loops.  The starting line and finish line are on the same road where our refreshments and registration tent will be located.  ARE Events will be doing our event timing and finish area set-up and their truck will be at finish line by the finish shoot.  The starting area is in view from here but on the East side of Indian quad.  From the start line the runners will run West towards the Dutch quad parking lot.  They will complete a loop around the parking area and then after passing the track and field area will follow a smaller path to the right that leads to a loop that passes many sports fields and a pond and wooded area.  When coming out of the wooded area the participants will notice they are back at the starting area and will set out to complete the last loop (identical to the first loop), and instead of going right after the track and field area will run straight to the finish line.

Good luck on Saturday!  And don’t worry there will be a biker leading the way for the participants.  Walkers are encouraged to do at least one loop and decide if they want to continue on the course or participate with post-race activities.

Online Registration Closes at Noon on Wednesday, August 14th.  Same-day registration will be available.   Please plan on arriving early (7:45am) to allow time for registration.


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