MSTS meeting report from Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC

It has been too long since our last blog post on the site.  A renewed energy was instilled after spending time with colleagues in NYC last week at our annual Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (MSTS) meeting.  Sarcoma Strong and the fundraising accomplishments we have had over last 4 years were applauded.   Our growth and activity has inspired many other centers throughout the country to start similar events of their own.  We anticipate an organization growth in 2019 that we have been waiting for and laid the ground work for over the last few years.

Highlights presented at meeting:

>$250,000 raised over last 4 years (Record year >$90,000 raised in 2018)

Plans to fund (2) $25,000 mentorship sarcoma research grants in 2019

Plans to fund (1) $50,000 basic science or clinical sarcoma research grant in 2019


Goals in 2019:

Grow locally in Albany

Increase number of satellite sites from 5 to 15

Surpass $100,000 raised in one year

Fund more research grants

Inspire advocacy and a giving, engaged culture among MSTS members


Event set for SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 2019





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