“It’s a Journey, not a Race.” Brave Will

Every once in awhile ordinary people do extrordinary things.  Matt and Tammy Hladun are those types of people.  When they lost their infant son Will in 2009 to a rare malignancy, called a rhabdoid tumor, they did not isolate themselves.  They harnessed Will’s spirit and strength to help and inspire others.  They have been instrumental in funding the Journeys Program at Albany Medical Center(AMC), designing and funding a Pediatric Palliative Care Suite at AMC, and in starting their own program called SOAR.

SOAR (Steer Onward and Remember) is a program created to provide support for families on the one year anniversary of their son or daughter’s passing. The program is intended to help these families spend the day in a way that honors their child and remembers the legacy that he/she left behind.


Learn more about the Brave Will Foundation at


Watch their video from the 6th Annual Evening of Will Power 2015

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