Coincidence or Inspiration?

A few weeks ago while seeing patients on a busy day a patient who has impressed me from day one of caring for him shared with me a common acquaintance in Guilderland, close to where I live.  Once we started making the connection he also shared that when he makes the trek to Albany for his follow-up appointments he likes to frequent Mike’s Diner.

Well that evening while running  I needed a little push to finish strong.  At a point when it may have been easier to take a breather than forge on I looked up.  Here is what I saw…

mikes diner

Coincidence or Inspiration?  Maybe a bit of both.  All I know is when I looked up and saw a sign I drive by most days and never notice, I took notice, and I was inspired my the man that likely had lunch their earlier in the day after getting a clean bill of health.  We are all connected in ways  that are not always apparent at first.  One of the greatest rewards of my professional life is learning about the people who trust in me to care for them and advocate for them.  We are family, the Sarcoma Family!  Find inspiration in the little things in life and you will be surprised how much you can get out of each day.  Thanks RJ!

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