Sarcoma Strong wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year gives us time to pause and give thanks to people who have touched our lives.  I would like to give thanks to Marc Shinebarger for his friendship and for introducing me to Landon Cooper in the Fall of 2012.  When I took the time to figure out who this guy was and what Miles2Give was all about I started my running “career.”  Miles2Give was a group of 3 gentlemen; Landon Cooper, John McKay and Ryan Priest who ran across America, from San Francisco to Virginia in the Spring of 2013.  The goal of the run was to raise funds for sarcoma research.  I supported their idea with funds, time and lot’s of sweat and miles given myself.  After joining the team in Denver and again in Chicago with my 3 daughters I was hooked on running for exercise.  From their passion, Sarcoma Strong was born.  It inspired me to do more in my own community.  With the help of that same community we have grown an organization organically and steadily over the last 6+ years.  Amazing where it all began and all from Marc being a connector and introducing me to Landon’s mission.  


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