2020 Sarcoma Strong Global Event Weekend has arrived

Thank you to all of the participants and teams from around the world. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for our sarcoma warriors and their families. As I write this post we have 1043 participants for this year’s event from over 14 countries and 40 states.

Have a wonderful run, walk, bike, whatever activity you chose to celebrate Our Mission and stand in solidarity with our global sarcoma family.

Make sure to upload your best picture to our zippy reg registration site. If you have more photos or videos you want to share please email to SarcomaStrong@gmail.com

Together we are stronger and together we Unite the Sarcoma Fight!

I will be running at least a 5k each day during our Global event. We have kicked off events in many of our countries supporting SarcomaStrong and we have more to come. Please allow sometime for us to organize all the wonderful footage. We highlight Team Yellow Ribbon India in this post. Stay tuned!

Here a few videos and pictures so far

2020 SarcomaStrong Global 5k UAlbany 8.15.20 9am

2020 SarcomaStrong 5k kick off run 8.14.20 12:30pm

Dr. Pramod Chinder @YellowRibbonBLR joins our mission at SarcomaStrong in 2020

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