A recent trip to NYC to watch a local collegiate athlete, Nick Gwiazdowski, go for his 3rd straight NCAA Wrestling title at Madison Square Garden offered many opportunities for motivation and inspiration.  Sitting and watching these tremendous athletes it was hard not to think of all the personal sacrifice that comes with being an elite athlete.  Training when your friends may be out having a good time or relaxing.  Constant focus.  Eye on the ultimate goal.  To be a Champion it takes a great deal of mental grit.

After hours of sitting and getting jazzed up from watching great competition I would typically take to the streets of NYC to get my exercise.  Running through the streets West as the Avenue numbers increase one can eventually make it to the West side bike/walking trail.  With the Hudson river on my right and running South towards the Freedom Tower my body fills with inspiration.






There is inspiration All around us!

Just need to open our eyes to see it.
Our mouths to breath and taste it.
And our hearts to feel it move us.

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