Time to Go Live: Still a Work in Progress!

sarcoma run shrivers

For a few years now I have pondered writing a book ” Navigating a New Cancer Diagnosis.”  It is a passion that comes and goes and when inspired I try to write.  Building this SARCOMA STRONG BLOG SITE has been on my mind for several months.  A few weeks ago my oldest daughter helped me navigate through WordPress to get the ball in motion and set up the blog site.  Many thanks for her patience with me and guidance.

A big concern of mine is to have the site serve the sarcoma community and the readership.  As I construct the layout and pages I would like to get your feedback on what would be most useful to you. Please be patient as the construction continues on a regular basis.

The initial pages will focus on clinical trials, navigating a new cancer diagnosis, sarcoma support organizations, and scientific articles

Initial post categories will be Inspiration; Patient Stories; Clinical trials

I encourage and welcome comments as I strive to get this functional and useful to the greater SARCOMA COMMUNITY!


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