Stop waiting for Inspiration!

inspire quote

We all seek to be inspired at many different points in our days and lives.  We may in fact inspire others and not be aware.  Pablo’s message is that we need to be engaged in something of importance to us before inspiration will enter the picture.  You cannot just wait around hoping it will show up and inspire you into action.   Instead it is wiser to set yourself into action and inspiration may enter your world.  We are all different when it comes to what inspires us.  For me it can be a song, a certain beat in a song, an image (nature’s beauty), a recent personal interaction, a kind word, the list is long.  One of the ways I have dealt with the emotional aspect of my work is to use some of the difficult challenges my cancer warriors face as inspiration.  To see true suffering and see how blessed I am inspires me into action.  To do more.  To push beyond normal boundaries.  To continuously look for ways to improve.

Inspiration is all around us.  It’s all how you perceive your environment.  So as Picasso says, get to work at what is important to you, feel the impact of what surrounds you, and inspiration will find YOU!

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