SarcomaStrong Growth Through Partnerships

Orthopaedic Oncology Centers Supporting SarcomaStrong in 2021

United States Centers (Team Leader)

Albany Medical Center – Matthew DiCaprio

Montefiore Medical Center – David Geller and Bang Hoang

University of Rochester – Heidi Fitzfgerald

Harvard Combined Program – Megan Anderson

Virginia Cancer Specialists –  Felasfa Wodajo

UCSF – Rosanna Wustrack 

University of Mississippi – Izuchukwu Ibe

NYU Langone – Karim Masrouha      

MD Anderson Cooper – Tae Won Kim

Columbia – Wakenda Tyler

Dartmouth – Eric Henderson 

Rush Orthopaedics – Steven Gitelis

Summa Health – Scott Weiner

John’s Hopkins Orthopaedics – Carol Morris

UC Davis – Stacy Judkins

Karmanos Cancer Center -Alysia Kemp 

MD Anderson Houston – Bryan Moon

University of Florida – Andre Spiguel

International Centers (Team Leader)

McMaster’s University – Michelle Ghert

University of Kanazawa – Katsuhiro Hayashi

Yellow Ribbon India – Pramod Chinder

Philippines Orthopaedic Center – Abigail Tud

Swiss Orthopaedic Network -Bruno Fuchs

TheGujarat Cancer & Research Insitute – Abhijeet Salunke

Participants from following countries: Brazil, Australia, Germany, Panama

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