Sarcoma Strong – From Local Event to National Impact and Collaboration

It is with great pride that I update you on our organizational growth in 2019.  Several of my colleagues from around the country and Canada have committed to starting a Sarcoma Strong event in their cities.  The list of places and programs is not static but always being updated.  Our most up to date list of programs and leaders are:

Henry Ford Orthopaedics – Michael Mott

McMasters Orthopaedics – Michelle Ghert, Peiyao Wong, Victoria Giglio

MD Anderson New Jersey Orthopaedics – Tae Won Kim, Christina Gutowski

Montefiore Orthopaedics – Bang Hoang, David Geller

UCSF Orthopaedics – Rosanna Wustrack

Aurora Health Care Orthopaedics – Nicholas Webber, Brent Witten

Rutgers Orthopaedics – Joseph Benevenia

Yale Orthopaedics – Francis Lee, Dieter Lindskog, Gary Friedlaender

University of Florida Orthopaedics – Andre Spiguel, Chung Ming Chan

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics – Carol Morris, Sophie Strike, Adam Levin, Jonathan Forsberg

Summa Health Orthopaedics – Scott Weiner, Drew Wroblewski

Syracuse Orthopaedics – Tim Damron

Mass General Orthopaedics – Kevin Raskin

Columbia Orthopaedics – Wakenda Tyler

MD Anderson – Bryan Moon

Rothman Orthopaedics – John Abraham

Working collaboratively we can accomplish more and fund more life changing and life improving research.  Don’t put off registering.  Register today.  Start a Team or Join a Team.  Build a donation page and help us reach our goal of $100,000 raised in 2019.  Unite the Sarcoma Fight!




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