Sarcoma: Burden of Disease


sarcoma golfball

In a recent study out of Germany, Trautmann and colleagues tried to get a handle on the incidence of sarcoma by evaluated general healthcare data on a large population of residents.  They estimated the incidence of soft tissue sarcoma to be 4.5/100,000 people and incidence of bone sarcoma to be 2.1/100,000 people.  One- and five-year relative survival was 87.8% and 66.4% for soft-tissue and 91.8% and 52.9% for bone sarcoma, respectively.  This is the first estimation of the burden of sarcoma based on an unselected sample of routine care data and the first estimation of the burden of sarcoma in Germany. The authors proposed methods offer a valuable approach for further outcomes research on cancer.  The article is included for further details on the incidence of sarcoma:

Burden of soft-tissue and bone sarcoma in routine care Estimation of incidence, prevalence and survival for health services research by Trautmann



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