After 8 months of planning for the 3rd Annual Team Sarcoma 5k it comes down to the final prep on August 19th.  So many people have assisted along the journey to this day.  Family, friends, work colleagues, and strangers have all stepped up to make a difference.  We are overjoyed at the success we have had and the event has not even occurred yet.

Friday, August 19th, 2016.  The day will start with a trip to the Golub corporation warehouse.  For the past 3 years they have donated race supplies, including water, sports drinks, power or cliff bars, and bananas to keep our participants hydrated and energized.

A pre-event light jog on the race course is a must.  Marking out the course.  Placing TEAM SARCOMA signs along the course and on UAlbany campus to help keep operations running smooth on Saturday.

Our 350 shirts have arrived and are sorted by size and ready for distribution.

An important pre-game meeting with Jay Geiger and the UAlbany football team to see how they can be a part of our run on Saturday.  Jay has been supporting the run since the inaugural run with supplies for the water station on the course.  He has really been critical in so many aspects this year with the event being on his home turf.  He has given us access to bathroom facilities, including a few port-a-potties near the race start, water station tables, a golf cart, Gatorade containers, and garbage bins.

Final registration prep.  Bib organization, same day registration forms prep work, course maps, etc…

There will be endless tasks for final prep.  It is the most exciting time leading up to the big event.  It takes on a life of its own.  Truly takes an army of individuals Uniting their efforts to pull it off.  Thank you to all who have believed in our organization, who have donated time, expertise and money.

The sarcoma community thanks you!


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