Orthopaedic Oncology Team from Kanazawa, Japan joins Sarcoma Strong Global Effort in 2020

Sarcoma Strong would like to thank and acknowledge the great leadership and support from the University of Kanazawa Orthopaedic Oncology Team. Professor Tsuchiya and Katsuhiro Hayashi have been instrumental in collaborating this year during the Global Pandemic to help raise awareness of Sarcoma. When asked why joining our mission was important to their Department, we received the following response,

Due to the fact that sarcoma is a rare cancer, there is a lack of public awareness which leads to lack of information, less experience or delayed diagnosis.

There are also delays in the development of new anticancer drugs due to the low prevalence rate.

We hope the SarcomaStrong event will improve the treatment and care of sarcoma patients through improving information and support, and by increasing the visibility of sarcoma.

We are going to join this event from the city of Kanazawa, Japan in the Far East.

ISOLS (International sarcoma meeting) was held in Kanazawa in 2017, hosted by Prof. Tsuchiya.

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