One Sarcoma Warrior’s Reminder of Her Battle with Osteosarcoma

Art offers a means of self-expression.  Body Art or a Tattoo can often be a way to remember an important event, person or experience.  Today I was more observant of a long-term patient’s body art.  Just above her thigh incision used to remove a malignant bone tumor she designed a tattoo to remember her experience and celebrate her choice to LIVE.  After years of treating patients with cancer it amazes me how each person and family deals with the new challenges they face in their own unique style.  Those who make a conscious decision to “LIVE” are the one’s who beat cancer.  Regardless of what happens with their disease if they don’t let CANCER define them they win.  It is hard for many to find this path, but I believe it is the path to peace, forgiveness and a successful journey with cancer.

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