Molecular features of Sarcoma – “What are the inner workings of these rare tumors?”

Sarcomas are a diverse, heterogeneous group of tumors.  By understanding the molecular or genetic basis(What makes the cells unique and “not play by the rules”) of these rare tumors we hope to have new diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic approaches for those facing sarcoma for the first time or who experience a recurrence of their disease and need new novel approaches.  Much basic science has been learned over the past decade, but little advancement in care has made it from bench work to the bedside. The next decade will bring those new therapies, a deeper understanding and the HOPE of improved outcomes.  Please check out the articles attached.  These are scientific articles and may be difficult to get through.   They will illustrate the complex and varied nature of thee rare tumors and the challenges researchers and clinicians face trying to CURE SARCOMA.

Molecular Basis of Sarcoma by Lesnick

Molecular Basis of Osteosarcoma

Molecular Profiling of Childhood Cancer

Targeted Therapies in Sarcoma

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