Meet Brandi Benson – Ewing’s sarcoma warrior, author, speaker, and Army Veteran

Brandi’s message on having a strong support system and a call to participate in Our Virtual 5k Event August 13-15th

At SarcomaStrong our essential intent is to connect the Global Sarcoma Community: Warriors, Scientists and Clinicians. To lead efforts of continuous knowledge improvement of this rare disease and in delivering better care and treatment to all sarcoma patients. Brandi is a courageous Ewing’s sarcoma survivor who passionately shares her story to help others overcome whatever life challenges they face.

She is an Iraq Army Veteran

She is an inspiring writer and speaker

What is most notable about her is her genuine passion to help others and a I am thankful my work with SarcomaStrong has allowed our paths to cross and to collaborate with her to raise awareness of sarcoma. Visit her website, Instagram @brandil.benson, read her story at

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