“Make a List and Live your Life,” Jarielys Quijano

Driving into work today I had NY’s Z100, Channel 12 on Satellite radio playing and I was introduced to an inspiring young lady Jarielys.  At a young age of 16, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of her spine.  This is a rare form of cancer that only involves the spine in a small percentage of total osteosarcoma cases.  Treatment is similar to an extremity bone sarcoma, but the anatomy of the spine poses extra challenges with treatment.  She has battled her disease for three years and has reached the point where more treatments will likely not extend her life.

During her interview this morning she stated she was given a year and a half to live.  Because she knows at too young an age her days are numbered she has created a Bucket list.  She wants to live life to it’s fullest and make the most of her days with those she loves.

Now this isn’t the first Bucket list story or the last I’m sure.   Our local sarcoma warrior, Jacob Monday, was able to check many of his items off his bucket list thanks to an amazing group of high school students at Shen before he earned his wings a few months ago.  What was inspiring about the interview was Jarielys’ spirit.  Her passion for life.  And her guidance to get out their and do something with your days.  Build memories.  Do activities you enjoy.  Explore.  She says you never know when you could get news like she if facing.  So live.  Really live each day.

It’s patients like Jarielys and so many others who inspire us to continue to raise awareness of sarcoma and to raise funds for needed research.  So patients like Jarielys have more options for treatments.  So treatments can be less toxic.  And to offer hope in times when there seems to be no where to turn.

So come join us Saturday August 18th at the UAlbany campus or participate in our Virtual run.  Make an impact!


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