Lessons learned from Living with Cancer

I recently asked a parent of a child with Cancer to share with me what he has learned about cancer, himself and life over the last 5 years battling cancer courageously with his daughter and family.  Below are his comments, in no particular order.

Cancer will take anything you allow it to take.

Fear is contagious…keep it to yourself.

Uncertainty has always been a part of life.  Look at Cancer as a gift that focuses you on the present.

The best times we have had as a family came after Cancer.

Don’t focus on things you cannot change.

Maintain a normal life as much as possible.

Familiarize yourself with pubmed.

Don’t focus on prognosis.  Prognosis does not tell you about outcome.

Warm the neupogen in your hands and give it slow!

You will relearn the defintions of love, fear, hope, compassion, hero, warrior, friend, and faith in ways undefinable in words.

The only thing that conquers fear is hope…find it.


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