July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

For each day in July, Sarcoma Strong will try to increase awareness by having at least one post message per day.  Some will be educational others inspirational.  Today, we are sharing lessons learned from a family who has been battling Ewing’s sarcoma for several years.

Cancer is a journey of ups and downs that no one asks for but teaches us many profound lessons.  After seven years of fighting, here are the top ten lessons our family has learned.

1) Initially cancer is a wake up call — it forces you to take stock of your life and what is important.

2)  Cancer doesn’t discriminate — it crosses all ages, races and backgrounds.

3)  Always get a second opinion. It could save your life.

4) Take notes and document  all of your appointments.

4) Your friends and family will all react differently.  Some may disappear, others may say the wrong thing but mean well. New friends will come into your life. Accept the differences.  Accept the help. It not only helps you but helps your family and friends when they can help in anyway.

5) We are all stronger than we think. Take it one day at a time and sometimes one hour at a time.

6) Get to know your medical team. They are working more hours than you know and often sacrificing their own family time to help you gain more.

7)  Focus on nutrition but don’t let it run your life. Walk, spend time in nature and live intentionally.  Say no to anything you don’t feel you want to do.  Focus on whats important.

8)  Find humor in the little things and laugh. Watch comedies. Read inspirational stories and

9) Have fun.  Tomorrow is never promised. Life is short.  If you reach remission or not, carve out adventure and fun. It is essential to your healing and soul to have things to look forward to.

10) We do not fight alone… We have our medical teams, true friends and family supporting us each step of the way.

Shelly Shinebarger,
Mom to Ewings Sarcoma Fighter

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