Clinical Trials Available for Sarcoma Patients


Sarcomas are a rare heterogeneous group of tumors that can arise in bone or soft tissues.  There are some generalities when it comes to treatment.  Pediatric bone sarcomas are primarily treated with surgery and chemotherapy.  Adult soft tissue sarcomas are primarily treated with surgery and radiation therapy.  There are exceptions to these rules and current research focuses on more advanced or relapsed sarcomas which are the hardest to treat.  Basic science research continues to explore the possibilities of designing more targeted therapies to limit side effects of current treatments and improve survival rates.


3 Most Common Bone Sarcomas:


Ewing’s Sarcoma



5 Most Common Soft Tissue Sarcoma:

Undifferentiated High-grade Pleomorphic Sarcoma


Synovial Sarcoma




When searching for a clinical trial available, the most useful site is

In the search screen if you keep diagnosis broad with sarcoma, and do studies that are recruiting patients 366 trials come up. The more specific you can make the sarcoma diagnosis the shorter that list will become.  Take some time to explore what is out there for your specific tumor type and discuss options with your treating physicians.

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