Ben’s Green Drakkoman Fund & St. Baldrick’s


I will never forget the day I met Ben Stowell in 2006.  A fall out of bed led to a sore shoulder and an xray that revealed something bigger than an injured bone.  It was Cancer!  Osteosarcoma involving a majority of his arm bone the humerus.  When we met I was still early in my career and was following my mentors lead in not letting myself get too close to patients.  It was hard to resist Ben’s charm and despite trying not to get close, he captured my heart.  Ben and his family taught me so much about life, positivity, and faith I can never repay them.   It was Ben who introduced me to the wonderful organization St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  It is only fitting in 2015 a Hero Fund in his name was created from the hard work and perseverance of his family to improve the lives of others affected by Osteosarcoma.  They continue to shine Ben’s light with this legacy.


Learn more about St. Baldrick’s Foundation and their fight against childhood cancer by funding research

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