A Year Later Our Community is Stronger


Before last year’s event my church, Christ’s Church of Guilderland, wanted to get involved and highlight the goals of SarcomaStrong.  This video is the product of their caring about the community and helping in my efforts to increase sarcoma awareness.  The 2nd Annual run was in memory of Parker Hayes who lost his courageous battle to Ewing’s sarcoma in February of 2015.  Parker is still a huge part of our sarcoma family and always will be.  He continues with us as a sarcoma angel and his spirit lives on to inspire us and unify our mission.


Come join us on August 20th on the UAlbany campus and continue to offer hope to our local sarcoma families.  Our community grows stronger each year and soon will take on a life of it’s own.  Each year more families who have been touched by sarcoma get involved and make a lasting impact.  Reading through the registration page last evening I was moved by a woman who started a team in memory of her sister who lost her battle to osteosarcoma almost 2 years ago.  Each team like her’s has a bigger outreach and helps to broaden the blanket of care we bring to families on the day of the event and beyond.

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