2019 National expansion of Sarcoma Strong

Through collaboration with colleagues from across the US and Canada, Sarcoma Strong, experienced growth and increased recognition to support it’s mission.  Thank you to the following Teams and we look forward to continued collaboration and more Institutions following in your footsteps.


Team Montefiore

Lead by David Geller and Bang Hoang, their 2nd downstate New York  event was held on June 1, 2019.

They contributed $10,000 to the MSTS/Sarcoma Strong Research Fund.

The next Knock Out Sarcoma event is set for June 6, 2020 and we wish them continued success.

Detroit Muscle

Lead by Michael Mott and his colleagues at Henry Ford Orthopaedics hosted their 2nd event on August 17, 2019.

Their fund raising efforts contributed $5400 to the research fund and we anticipate growth in 2020.

Team McMaster’s

Lead by Michelle Ghert and her colleagues at McMaster’s, they held their inaugural event August 17, 2019.

The turnout was tremendous and the event raised $5600 for the research fund and offered a fun community event for sarcoma families in Ontario, Canada.


Summa Health Akron Ohio

Lead by Scott Weiner and his Orthopaedic residents and department, they held their 2nd event on August 17, 2019.

Their participant numbers grew this year to 20-30 and they raised $1500 for sarcoma research.



Lead by Rosie Wustrack hosted their 2nd event August 17, 2019.

They experienced an increase in registration with 40-50 participants present for their event, raising $1500 for sarcoma research.

Thank you for Supporting the Mission of Sarcoma Strong: Raising Awareness of Sarcoma, Supporting your local families, and Raising Research Funds.

We look forward to growth in 2020.

Any center interested in starting a local event please email sarcomastrong@gmail.com and we will work collaboratively with you to onboard your program.

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